Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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Let me introduce the make-up minimalist – this is the woman whose sole aim is to use make-up to create the look of clean, fresh and glowing skin.

She recognises the overall beauty of her skin and is willing to celebrate that by using neutral colours meant to accentuate her skin tone and underlying textures.

Thankfully this means that the days of the overly “made up” face are quickly receding as women look towards make-up as the means to flatter and reveal what wasn’t so easily distinguishable before.

To successfully create a daily look like the one I have done here, you should remember a light hand will do the trick as only spot coverage will be required and not paste the foundation all over the entire face.


Skin Prep

This is critical here even if you have oily/oily combination skin and should not be skipped. 
The purpose of a good moisturiser is to help create an additional barrier to the skin’s defences against the elements. 

In fact, regular use of moisturisers lessens the occurrence of dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations whilst ensuring that the make-up is applied smoothly and evenly.

Tip: Apply moisturiser to the face and neck area and then use a two-ply tissue and gently press onto the face. 
This helps to absorb the extra oils and create a more matte surface.

Foundation and powder application
For my model Regina, I gave her the airbrush treatment by creating a look playing with varied shades of brown to have that dewy, glowing skin whilst focusing on very soft contours around her face and her inner eyes.

If airbrush make-up is not available, depending on your skin type, alternative foundations such as cream or liquid formulas can be used but keep in mind, only dots of foundation on blemishes will give that level of flawless coverage and still look minimal.

Tip: Remember to always blend.

To apply, use either a sponge or foundation brush and gently pat the product on only the areas that require the coverage. 
A great coverage alternative happens to be one of my personal favourites, the Black Opal stick foundation or the True Colour Liquid Foundation.

The application of powder should be very light and translucent powder does the trick. If you’re concerned about oil build up during the day, you can use either tissues or blotting sheets in the oily areas and they will quickly grab the oil without disturbing all of your great work.


The eyes were initially contoured with several shades of rich brown hues to create a deeper contour into the eyes while still maintaining that clean look. I then continued with a touch of bronze-gold on the eyelids and a quick application of black liquid liner. The look was completed with the application of wispy false eyelashes.


In this case, continue with the “less is more” thinking, use just a simple lining of lip pencil in a neutral skin tone with a touch of lip gloss and that will be a great finish.


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Photographer by Johari Studios info @ joharistudios.com

Model - Regina King

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well its only April and the year is consistently changing for the beauty business.  I am happy to say that I have been able to provide weekly beauty articles to one of the national newspapers - Trinidad NEWSDAY and you can check this out every Tuesday.

The first article is below.

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