Monday, May 31, 2010


Hi Hi!

Love to start like that....anyhoo, so I kinda like some form of order so in order to introduce posts on brides that I have done, I will sort of label them until I find something else that suits me.

In this episode, I had to do airbrush makeup for the bride however we've never met.  Therefore, you can just imagine her jitters of the makeup application, not just the ceremony.  Come to think of it, I believe women are more 'jittery' of that than anything else.

So, of course, she told me that she doesn't wear makeup at all and was very antsy to see the finished product.  I had to keep turning her from the mirror (we were in a hair salon by the way) and calm her down with the airbrush mist.  Oh yeah, airbrush makeup also has the ability to make people feel more relaxed as the cool mist is blowing on the face, it acts like what I like to call it 'a mini airconditioner'.

Her sister, friend and hairstylist were there as well to help give her confidence and as they put it 'to tell her if the makeup doesn't come out well'.  Of course you know, not on my watch! Lol!

The pic below shows the before and after....Her skin is really lovely up close and wasn't hard to manipulate but as she has a fuller face, I had additional contouring to do around the perimeter of her face and light color to the cheeks as opposed to obvious blush applications. 

Her eyes also had to be contoured (slightly) as they have a tendency to droop, so I applied the outer crease colour in an upward fashion to make it more almond shape.  She also is not a lover of lipstick (no suprise there!) and I applied generous lipgloss applications where it was in keeping with her simple, yet sophisticated look.

You can just imagine her reaction when I showed her the pics!  She loved them and then turned into a diva...continuously posing for our cameras in all different angles at the same time saying, "I feel I will give the photographer trouble today"...yeah right :-).

I was very happy to see her light up when she realised it was just enough for her and how the overall look would be with the dress and accessories.

By this time, she is a happily married woman and I wish her all the best!

DAJ Signing Out!


Hi Hi!

I had a hectic Saturday as I was asked by my favorite girls to do their makeup starting from early in the morning.  They each have a penchant for being asked to be part of some wedding - either through coordination or designing the outfits, they are very popular as they are sweet!  So, they told me that they wanted to look 'hot' or as Tyra Banks says it 'fierce'.

Although four of them requested makeup, I got really great pics with two of them and only one was actually part of the bridal party, Angel.  With her, she has acne scarring so I had to use TemptuPro S/B Makeup on her and I also included the Airbrows and DINAIR Eyeshadow to complement the outfit.

I chose a jewelled turquoise eyeshadow tone and eye contour color to complement the orange in the dress (which she made by the way!) and bring shape to they eye.  I also added pink hued lipgloss to tie the look together.

With her sister, Crystal, she always asks for contouring on her nose, but I also wanted to include some sea colors on her and show that dark skin shouldn't shy away from them.

The colours on her were from coastal scents which were a mixture between aqua blue and violet.  I contoured her eyes with a dark violet to give some depth and as she has small eyes, rimmed the entire with the mixed colors (inner corners - lighter blue and outer corners - indigo blue).

Sufficit to say that these were my best pics considering they were rushing out the door.

Who says you can't have fun with color?  If in doubt, pick up a Color Wheel and look for the color you like and then check it for a color that will complement it.  The idea is to emphasise each color and add to the overall vibrancy and not look too 'matchy-matchy'.

I have some other blogs to do on another bride I did today and an upcoming 'Makeup Lookbook Series' which will detail step by step with text how to do eye looks.

So until then, laterz!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hi Ya Peeps!

So as you know, I tweeted that I would've been going to Tobago to do makeup for an entire bridal party.  I must say I was excited for months...The day finally arrived, yesterday and I arranged with the wedding coordinator to ensure that all arrangements were put in place for both myself and my cousin (Assistant MUA).

The call time for tobago was 9am, so in order to get there by that time, we had to be up by 4am to leave home at 5:20am.  That's what happens when you live in South, planning and arranging takes a couple hours before.  We arrived on time at the airport to check in for 7:10am as our flight was timed at 8:15am.  

The flight was great, I must say although 20mins, I saw portions of Trinidad and the sea by Tobago and the views were breathtaking....I am so sorry that I couldn't take out pics.

When we arrived, our driver was not there as yet so I had to call the coordinator to locate his whereabouts.  After about 20mins again, he finally arrived.  I was informed that the entire party would be located at Stonhaven Villas - which of course were Queen Latifa stayed and other celebrity musicians for Jazz Festivals in Tobago.

I took out pics for that though (of course!), see below.  The bridal party were loads of fun, I must say.  They had us cracking up with their escapades in Tobago but as we had more to do than we catered for I only have some of their before & afters available.  However, I made sure to take pics of the bride (duh!)

Their skin was also affected by the sun as there was mild sunburns around their bodies and their skin had some marks from previous scarring, so we had a lot of coverage to do.  We used a combination of TEMPTUPRO, OCC Cosmetics and Black Opal to match skin tones.

After we made sure that everyone was completed by the end of the call time which was 4pm, we were packed up and ready to go back to the airport to check in our luggage.  Our return flight was timed for 5:10pm.  This was where things starting getting haywire.  Scratch that, that's where there was no coordination.

I had to call the the coordinator a couple times to find out when our driver was coming to pick us up and by then we started to get very concerned as to what time we would actually reach the airport.  Would you believe that everyone left the villa and we were still waiting for our transport at 4:30pm?  Ridiculous and up to now, no contact from the coordinator who after the last conversation, suddenly couldn't be reached.

Anyway, by divine order, the driver finally arrived and thank God, knew some back roads to get us to the airport with 15mins to spare to flight time.  The airport officials were able to board us and luggage and we sprinted (sorta) to the plane.  Long and short of this rant is that we made it back starving as we got no food since breakfast.

Anyway, I still have good memories from this trip, I will just learn to place greater insistence on particular things like providing food for the Makeup Team and knowing who the driver is and our pickup times.  This is definitely something I can do again, local & international...I am putting it out there to the universe and you know what they say, "the universe is a friendly universe"....

So with that I am signing out, and btw - enjoy the pics below!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi All!

Well I have a tad bit of sad news as the carded Makeup Workshop that I previously mentioned was happening on Saturday has again been re-scheduled to a new date in June.  Its supposed to coincide with Fashion Week 2K10 however I won't be able to attend cause of the timing within the week.

So sad face :(.....Anyhoo, I will have to check out and see if Revlon's Sam Fine appearance will be on a weekend and the price.

DAJ Out!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hi Folkses!

A follower indicated to me that she found the blog entertaining, (thanks Kim!) however it is from my point of view.  So I want to involve some participation from you guys and what I will do is request from time to time that you send me requests of what you will like to see reviewed or discussed.

Oh by the way, I am attending the Celebrity Makeup Artist Worshop with Theo Faulkner this Saturday at the Hyatt Regency in Port-of-Spain.  The event is carded for 1:00pm to 6:00pm.  If you google him, he's quite an accomplished makeup artist who has worked with Tyra Banks, Oprah, Magazines, Ciara, Runway Designers and the like. Click on the link to see the details Workshop Details.

I will be taking pictures and making notes to come back and report to you guys what it was like to interact with someone of that ilk.  Exciting!  If you only know how long I was waiting for this to occur.

Also, I have updated my website, so please check it out and forward to friends in need.....:)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi Guys!

I seem to be getting a bit more regular at this blogging bit (somewhat) cause here I am again. 

I apologise for being late with this post but I will give a run-down of what I experienced at the last Health & Beauty Trade Show 2010 held at Crowne Plaza between May 01 to 03, however, I was only able to attend one day - the opening and can talk about that.  To tell you the truth, I have always seen it advertised and noted the fact that airbrushing was also noted in the list of activities but for some reason was never inclined to go.

I can usually be found at bridal expos, so when I was invited to attend by international hairstylist - Mr. Clem Lue Yat to do makeup for his model, my interest was piqued to see what was offered and guage the crowds/audience's reactions.

Let me say that I was pleased to see the number of booths that were there, probably over forty (40) booths (if I am off in the numbers, forgive me).  There were skin lines, cosmetic lines, hair products and spas to name a couple.  As such, there was a lot of information available but the times I was on the floor, the crowd fluctuated ranging from very busy to few attendees.  I think that from a supplier of services perspective, if I were to offer classes in airbrush makeup, this would be a great vehicle to advertise but if I were looking for clients, I would focus on bridal expos.  Some pics are below.

I finally perched at Clem's booth, of course you know that he will attract attention as he is not only considered a 'master weaver' but he was one of the few actually styling a lovel model's extremely long hair in front of the patrons.  He was kind enough to let me set up and advertise my airbrush skills and pass out cards (thanks Clem!).  I did her makeup to suit her face and overall look which was slightly smokey in the entire crease and everything was airbrushed except her blush and lips.

Her foundation was OCC Skin foundation and setting powder was from my trusty Graftobian Powder Foundation Palettes.  The eyebrows were done with TEMPTUPRO AIRBROWS Kit - which I must say is very, very nice....quite blendable.  The eyeshadow colors used was DINAIR AIRBRUSH EYESHADOW in Gold & Blue and also blendable without clogging.  A great feature of the Dinair Line of airbrush makeup.

Her skin was bronzed with LUMINESSAIR Matte Bronzer around the perimeter of her face to create a glowy effect and blush was an orange tint from SACHA COSMETICS.  The final look is below.

Some really cool items on the activity list for the opening were the Hairstylist & Makeup Artist Competitions.  What I was told was that students from YTEPP compete in this competition every year, and let me tell you, from the little I did see of the Hairstyles, these students are INCREDIBLY talented.  Unfortunately, cause of my duties, I was unable to stay and view the Makeup Artist competition but if the first one was anything to use as comparison, I am certain, they would be just as great!

So after all that rambling, yes I had a good time, met some great people and would suggest that you go, to get some excellent savings as a regular citizen.  The question remains, would there be benefits as a service provider? Well there were a lot of them there so it would appear to work in their advantage but I personally prefer bridal expos.  I would only consider if I want to advertise classes, but considering the budget that will be involved in that, I am sure there is another way to advertise them.  Again, only my personal opinion!

DAJ signing out!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi Again!

I think by now followers can guess that my style is soft beauty that is appropriate for the 'every woman' as all they want, is to look what I term 'dramatically beautiful'.  They want the wow factor but still want to identify themselves and go beyond the current trends.

I adore the glow and bronzer effects and try to incorporate it as much as possible in my makeup looks.   I did that today with my job of wedding party of five, inclusive of the bride.  They kept mentioning to me that they wanted natural (this term however seems to differ person to person) and were very apprenhensive since they don't typically wear makeup on a daily basis.

In fact, they indicated (all of them) that they don't have much of a skin care regime and the soap bar sneaks in, once in while, to clean the face.  The horror!!!  Of course, you know I poo-pooed that and pointed out the right things to do.

The ladies were game and were willing to see the results of the airbrush makeup (mucho eager!).

Thank you ladies for the fun today and I know that you are still enjoying yourselves at the reception....:-)

Here are some of the final looks:


Hi Folks!

Well as you guys know by now, I was involved in the captioned pageant for one of the contestants - Ms. Kerniel James from Tobago.

It was held at Cascadia Hotel in St. Anns, Trinidad and to tell you the truth, I didn't even know it existed but there are a lot of them occurring more frequently now.  Its great for the contestants though, as one of my friends told me, it builds character and confidence that may not be developed in another environment.

Well, needless to say, I think that the coordination was badly wanting in that department 'coordination'. I had to leave as I was developing a cold and had 2 hrs to drive back home so, I was craving my bed and my contestant hadn't shown up yet - our meeting time was 4pm, this was after 6pm. :(

However, when she finally arrived, I got it together and did a 'cut crease' look with eyeshadow from Coastal Scents and the airbrush foundation was OCC. I wanted to use TEMPTUPRO AQUA as its just there in my kit but didn't want to experiment on that night.

As I mentioned before, I left earlier - around 8pm - not really that early but the other MUAs were working on their ppl and I was told later that the 1st pick of the top ten wasn't even called and it was around 12pm.  Not me!

I really hope though that she did well, I think she looked gorge, but hey I'm biased.  Here is the final pic of what she looked like, of course I will not put her before.  Enjoy!