Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi Again!

I think by now followers can guess that my style is soft beauty that is appropriate for the 'every woman' as all they want, is to look what I term 'dramatically beautiful'.  They want the wow factor but still want to identify themselves and go beyond the current trends.

I adore the glow and bronzer effects and try to incorporate it as much as possible in my makeup looks.   I did that today with my job of wedding party of five, inclusive of the bride.  They kept mentioning to me that they wanted natural (this term however seems to differ person to person) and were very apprenhensive since they don't typically wear makeup on a daily basis.

In fact, they indicated (all of them) that they don't have much of a skin care regime and the soap bar sneaks in, once in while, to clean the face.  The horror!!!  Of course, you know I poo-pooed that and pointed out the right things to do.

The ladies were game and were willing to see the results of the airbrush makeup (mucho eager!).

Thank you ladies for the fun today and I know that you are still enjoying yourselves at the reception....:-)

Here are some of the final looks:

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