Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hi Ya Peeps!

So as you know, I tweeted that I would've been going to Tobago to do makeup for an entire bridal party.  I must say I was excited for months...The day finally arrived, yesterday and I arranged with the wedding coordinator to ensure that all arrangements were put in place for both myself and my cousin (Assistant MUA).

The call time for tobago was 9am, so in order to get there by that time, we had to be up by 4am to leave home at 5:20am.  That's what happens when you live in South, planning and arranging takes a couple hours before.  We arrived on time at the airport to check in for 7:10am as our flight was timed at 8:15am.  

The flight was great, I must say although 20mins, I saw portions of Trinidad and the sea by Tobago and the views were breathtaking....I am so sorry that I couldn't take out pics.

When we arrived, our driver was not there as yet so I had to call the coordinator to locate his whereabouts.  After about 20mins again, he finally arrived.  I was informed that the entire party would be located at Stonhaven Villas - which of course were Queen Latifa stayed and other celebrity musicians for Jazz Festivals in Tobago.

I took out pics for that though (of course!), see below.  The bridal party were loads of fun, I must say.  They had us cracking up with their escapades in Tobago but as we had more to do than we catered for I only have some of their before & afters available.  However, I made sure to take pics of the bride (duh!)

Their skin was also affected by the sun as there was mild sunburns around their bodies and their skin had some marks from previous scarring, so we had a lot of coverage to do.  We used a combination of TEMPTUPRO, OCC Cosmetics and Black Opal to match skin tones.

After we made sure that everyone was completed by the end of the call time which was 4pm, we were packed up and ready to go back to the airport to check in our luggage.  Our return flight was timed for 5:10pm.  This was where things starting getting haywire.  Scratch that, that's where there was no coordination.

I had to call the the coordinator a couple times to find out when our driver was coming to pick us up and by then we started to get very concerned as to what time we would actually reach the airport.  Would you believe that everyone left the villa and we were still waiting for our transport at 4:30pm?  Ridiculous and up to now, no contact from the coordinator who after the last conversation, suddenly couldn't be reached.

Anyway, by divine order, the driver finally arrived and thank God, knew some back roads to get us to the airport with 15mins to spare to flight time.  The airport officials were able to board us and luggage and we sprinted (sorta) to the plane.  Long and short of this rant is that we made it back starving as we got no food since breakfast.

Anyway, I still have good memories from this trip, I will just learn to place greater insistence on particular things like providing food for the Makeup Team and knowing who the driver is and our pickup times.  This is definitely something I can do again, local & international...I am putting it out there to the universe and you know what they say, "the universe is a friendly universe"....

So with that I am signing out, and btw - enjoy the pics below!


  1. sorry to hear about downside, but can i say they looked absolutely lovely!? great job!! and the place was so beautiful!!

  2. Yeah, but I try to show both sides of what could happen...its not always 'peachy keen' when doing this type of job.