Monday, May 31, 2010


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I had a hectic Saturday as I was asked by my favorite girls to do their makeup starting from early in the morning.  They each have a penchant for being asked to be part of some wedding - either through coordination or designing the outfits, they are very popular as they are sweet!  So, they told me that they wanted to look 'hot' or as Tyra Banks says it 'fierce'.

Although four of them requested makeup, I got really great pics with two of them and only one was actually part of the bridal party, Angel.  With her, she has acne scarring so I had to use TemptuPro S/B Makeup on her and I also included the Airbrows and DINAIR Eyeshadow to complement the outfit.

I chose a jewelled turquoise eyeshadow tone and eye contour color to complement the orange in the dress (which she made by the way!) and bring shape to they eye.  I also added pink hued lipgloss to tie the look together.

With her sister, Crystal, she always asks for contouring on her nose, but I also wanted to include some sea colors on her and show that dark skin shouldn't shy away from them.

The colours on her were from coastal scents which were a mixture between aqua blue and violet.  I contoured her eyes with a dark violet to give some depth and as she has small eyes, rimmed the entire with the mixed colors (inner corners - lighter blue and outer corners - indigo blue).

Sufficit to say that these were my best pics considering they were rushing out the door.

Who says you can't have fun with color?  If in doubt, pick up a Color Wheel and look for the color you like and then check it for a color that will complement it.  The idea is to emphasise each color and add to the overall vibrancy and not look too 'matchy-matchy'.

I have some other blogs to do on another bride I did today and an upcoming 'Makeup Lookbook Series' which will detail step by step with text how to do eye looks.

So until then, laterz!

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