Monday, May 31, 2010


Hi Hi!

Love to start like that....anyhoo, so I kinda like some form of order so in order to introduce posts on brides that I have done, I will sort of label them until I find something else that suits me.

In this episode, I had to do airbrush makeup for the bride however we've never met.  Therefore, you can just imagine her jitters of the makeup application, not just the ceremony.  Come to think of it, I believe women are more 'jittery' of that than anything else.

So, of course, she told me that she doesn't wear makeup at all and was very antsy to see the finished product.  I had to keep turning her from the mirror (we were in a hair salon by the way) and calm her down with the airbrush mist.  Oh yeah, airbrush makeup also has the ability to make people feel more relaxed as the cool mist is blowing on the face, it acts like what I like to call it 'a mini airconditioner'.

Her sister, friend and hairstylist were there as well to help give her confidence and as they put it 'to tell her if the makeup doesn't come out well'.  Of course you know, not on my watch! Lol!

The pic below shows the before and after....Her skin is really lovely up close and wasn't hard to manipulate but as she has a fuller face, I had additional contouring to do around the perimeter of her face and light color to the cheeks as opposed to obvious blush applications. 

Her eyes also had to be contoured (slightly) as they have a tendency to droop, so I applied the outer crease colour in an upward fashion to make it more almond shape.  She also is not a lover of lipstick (no suprise there!) and I applied generous lipgloss applications where it was in keeping with her simple, yet sophisticated look.

You can just imagine her reaction when I showed her the pics!  She loved them and then turned into a diva...continuously posing for our cameras in all different angles at the same time saying, "I feel I will give the photographer trouble today"...yeah right :-).

I was very happy to see her light up when she realised it was just enough for her and how the overall look would be with the dress and accessories.

By this time, she is a happily married woman and I wish her all the best!

DAJ Signing Out!


  1. She looks beautiful & is glowing. YOu did a great job.

  2. I felt like a queen, thank you for turning me into a beautiful bride.


  3. Oh you do such lovely work. Where were you when I was getting married? :-)