Monday, December 14, 2009


Hi guys!

My intention is to create a series of articles to help deal with some of the biggest problems that we go through regarding our skin.  I firmly believe that makeup will not work or fulfill its purpose as good as it should if the skin is not receptive or smooth.

Pertaining to my captioned, this is an age old question that always brings out the worse in us, be it depression, sadness or even just wanting to hide from the world for the period of time until they go away.

Pimples occur for different reasons as most people know and they can appear on both young and old and create the feelings I describe above.  One of the biggest factors for them is inadequate skin care, whether we use incorrect products or not enough of the right ones, and then they magically appear.

I can tell you that even I get them, have them right now, unfortunately because I am on vaca and everything went haywire with my skincare regimen.  But I can tell you that there are homemade items that can help but patience truly is a virtue and will def apply here.

One of the best ways that I know and subscribe to is to use Baking Soda from Arm and Hammer.  When you wet it, it becomes like a paste and you can use it allover as a mask and wash off immediately.  It creates a softer surface on the face and helps to reduce the inflammation and within a week they should disappear with no scarring (try not to pick them).  Note however, not everyone can use them especially those with extra sensitive skin.

So another option that should be gentler is using oats and creating a paste and using as both an exfoliator or even as a mask.  The end result is very soft skin and even your makeup goes on better as it acts like a primer prior to application.

In my next blog, I will introduce some additional ways that are inexpensive and SAFE!

DAJ signing out!

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