Monday, February 2, 2009

Skin Care for that Carnival Heat

I had a ton of questions as to whether the airbrush makeup will last the heat of the day into the evening and I will say my experience and on my own face, I have noticed that once my skin was given a mask and exfoliated, the makeup held on for dear life!

It created a glow that I know cannot be created external to the face. It even reduces the amount of makeup that is required on the face, leaving it clearer and having more of your own skin on show.

I recommend that you invest in a good cleanser that is specific to your skin type. I have noticed that most people suffer from the combo skin - shiny 'T' zone and dry everywhere else. Especially for the heat, something that carries SPF but NOT OILY!! Preferably one that mattifies the skin.

Another golden rule, drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and the mas bands have the portable 'potties' so you don't have an excuse not to drink. Remember, the alcohol can also wreak havoc during that very hot day on your body, so please do in moderation.

So ladies and men (yes men), I implore you, please improve the skin care, even after Carnival. It refines the face, reduces spots and lines. I can go on and on but basically for the very vain of us out there, spend the money on the skin care first and then the makeup.

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