Monday, March 30, 2009


Hi again!

I seem to be on a roll today, thank god for the holiday!

Anyway, I am back again to continue my review of the foundations that would be great for the most encountered skin type out there in Trinidad, at least! Combo Skin....

I mentioned that Maybelline and Black Opal were my lets look at the others -
Revlon Colorstay and Loreal Mineral Foundation.

Revlon ColorStay is a liquid makeup that purports to be longlasting and smear-proof...personally I didn't really think it stood up to my personal requirements... My nose turns into Rudolf and its not Christmas!

However, to be fair, customers - especially the asian ethnicities, swear by it and I am glad that it can provide the coverage and longetivity that they are looking for.

Its application is pretty simple as its a liquid, don't use your hands as they have bacteria and can be very messy. Use a sponge or better yet a synthetic brush that will evenly distribute the foundation on your face. Afterwards, use the sponge to ensure its blended properly.

With regards to Loreal Foundation, I liked its shape and portability and ease of use. However, it was difficult to find my shade and as you can guess, did not get my exact shade. To me, I think its perfect for lighter skin tones.

Could be messy and a lot of foundation could be loaded on the brush and transferred onto the face, thus creating patches. Overall, I think its ok just wish that additional darker shades were available.

Hint hint to Loreal!

Next post I will be showing off my makeup and makeup box so people can see what I use and carry for jobs!

DAJ signing out!

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