Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Foundations for Different Skin Types

In my experience, besides airbrush makeup, there is NO ONE type of over the counter foundation that can address everyone's needs of coverage and long lasting finish.

So, I will be reviewing a series of foundation makeup and I will suggest how best women can use the products and the little tricks that go along with them.

First up - Combination Skin
This consists of both oil and somewhat dry skin, where typically the T-Zone area is oily and the cheeks are dry.

I fall within that category and out of all the makeup that I have tried, I prefer maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation and Black Opal's Mousse Foundation.

Both of them are whipped like mousse and is extremely light on the skin and carries a lot of pigment, meaning that there's a ton of colour and you don't need to apply much.

It handles the combination skin really well and doesn't break down like the creams or create additional oils on top of our noses.

In addition, women of colour don't need to worry about finding their shade, the fairer and olive skinned shades can go with Maybelline and the warmer to darker skin tones with Black Opal.

To apply, you can use a sponge, its the easiest and cleanest way and just 'stipple' it on. This means to pat in and not smear on the skin. Set with powder.

They both give matte finishes and beautifully even out the skin tones without the cakey look.

Check them out, give them a try and let me know!

DAJ signing out!

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