Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hi folks!

Well I have been really busy yesterday and today as I was sponsoring makeup for the Ms. Point Fortin Borough Pageant and with my bride (see previous post).  There were 8 contestants and I used OCC makeup to see how it would hold up with heat and expected sweating.

Overall the effects were pretty but the sweating did take a toll on them as I tweeted last night (which by the way I finished at 11:45pm).  I also had to do the host (Yolandra John) & outgoing queen (also current Jaycees Queen - both lovely girls). 

There was a lot of touching up, which I don't like to do considering the benefits of airbrush makeup overall.  Definitely going to TemptuPro again for that.

I took some pics (couldn't get everybody) and they were in their costumes and these show how pretty stage makeup could be without the obviousness of it.


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