Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hi folks!

Its been awhile since I've put fingers to keyboard but I have been on vacation and to tell you the truth, I've really just been doing a lot of nothing :).  I still have 2 weeks and a couple days left and yet time is flying by so quickly but I will try to utilize as much to get as much done as possible.

I have re-discovered the Face Chart and I intend to use for every look that I plan to do as it makes everything so organized.  However, let me put in a disclaimer immediately, I am not in any way neat but for some reason it provides a sense of order and memory recollection (which I sometimes suffer from) for what I products I want to use and in the proper direction.

This one is for my Bride-to-be Nekeisha and her wedding is scheduled for in a couple months...I had fun doing it so check it out!

For those professional makeup artists out there or budding professionals, you can download it by using this link Blank Face Chart!

Have fun painting!


  1. This is great girl! Thanks for sharing the link! I myself have a hard time remembering what i plan to use from trials, this is a great way!!

  2. Yeah I will have to shoot a video how to do it....ugghh...have to plan these things...

  3. thanks gfor the link hun. Now following, pls check out my blog