Sunday, August 29, 2010


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Saturday 2010 August 28

10:15 am:

I applied my makeup again but this time I used the airbrush gun to apply the Model in a Bottle - Original Formula on my skin.  I was thinking that maybe it would be more evenly spread and dry faster but to tell you the truth there was nothing different in the length of time it takes for the skin to shine.
My skin's t-zone area is very, I mean very shiny after a couple hours, so if I find a product that can work on me can keep my makeup matte for more than a couple hours or at least have a nice, dewy look (not the fugly shine) then I will say 'woo-hoo!" and recommend it to everyone I meet. I'm my own best guinea pig before I use anything questionable on my clients.
For this product, I think, however, it can work with airbrush makeup as opposed to regular makeup as the airbrush formulas are already designed to be more longlasting and matte-looking.  The other claim that the website carries is that it won't rub off. Let me tell you, it did.....
Overall rating - 2.5 out of 5 :(
Recommendation how to use it - If you already have it, do the double step of makeup application (foundation & powder twice) and then apply it or use it with MAC's Prep & Prime silicone Primer
Stay tuned for more Product Reviews!


  1. Hi Dixie-Ann,

    Ah dunno the first thing bout make up (don't need it, pretty nuff) but I like your blog. It's well written clear and honest. interesting. I think you should do more of these product reviews. Especially the ones that people swear by, either make them a legend or destroy the myths. Good job so far.

  2. Hi DixiAnn I have a Q: I noticed you used a rpimer that's silicone based. You said your skin tends to get shiny, and mine does too. I've heard that silicone based forumalas aren't the best thing for shiny skin as they can really amke your skin look even more shiny in the end, is this true?