Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi All!

I've been away for awhile clearing up my cold and just getting some much needed rest.  I must say though, that I had a wonderful experience with the TemptuPro Educator - Ms. Shannon Pollitt and of course I had a couple weddings to handle during the time.  So let me give a brief rundown as to my comings and goings!

TemptuPro Workshop - 2010 August 01 & 02:
I decided to stay in town since I live about 1 & 1/2 hrs away and I didn't want to be going back and forth for the entire weekend.  At first, I checked in to Chancellor Hotel and I immediately regretted it.  I wish I had asked someone about that hotel as the room was extremely 'old' looking and not 'quaint'...It was old with mosquitoes flying around and the tv was skipping....

I stayed one night and then checked out and went to Trinidad Hilton, needless to say, I felt at home with the luxury and food.  I could definitely go back there again.

I met a couple known airbrush makeup artists at the workshop and a lot of 'newbies' that were interested in it as a career.  Best of luck to them!!!  I must say that I learnt a lot more than I thought and Shannon had a ton of information for each of our concerns.  Actually, she cleared up a lot of stuff for me, so much so that I can do everything with the airbrush namely: eyeshadow, eyebrows, lips, cheeks you name it!

Overall, it was really fun and a great investment.

Although I had a couple weddings since the start of August to now, the pics weren't so great until this last weekend that passed.  My bride wanted a look that was classic and fitting for her beach styled look and it looked great.  I did a retro styled makeup channeling Dita Von Teese with the liner and the nude eyeshadow.  I was also supposed to do her family members but the rains were pouring and they ran late and in the end I was dog tired.

Did I mention it was in Sangre Grande, a 3 hr drive?  Anyway, I must say that everything came out really well, check out my before and after pics.  Everything except the lips were airbrushed, yaay!