Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hi All!

I'm back with doing some product reviews.  I want to focus on the product, Model in a Bottle and the Lip Conditioner/Lip Sealer.  As an Airbrush Makeup Professional, I'm constantly perusing for the "next big thing", whatever it may be.  Considering that I live in country that has two main seasons, lots of heat and then lots of rain.  So the weather doesn't help with the makeup application and its a challenge to have it last for hours at a time.

So enter "Model in a Bottle".  I went onto their site, read up on the reviews - which I always do before I do my buying.  I hardly do impulse buying when it comes to makeup unlike everything else I own. 

What I found interesting about it was the claims and the advertisement (its on Oprah, Tyra Banks shows etc) - the makeup product doesn't rub off, be it eyeshadow or foundation and it sets everything.  (see website here  I bought a couple items, namely the Original Formula & the Sensitive Formula.

What I will do is from tomorrow, I will actually take pics to document how the Original Formula looks after priming and full makeup application and it how holds up vs my Ben Nye Final Seal.  We'll see....

So onto to my 1st day of testing: Friday 2010 August 27th....

Stay Tuned!

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