Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hi Folkses!

It came and went....Carnival 2011 that is and it was explosive with all of the fetes, the clothes, the styles and of course the music - Advantage Anyone?!  Of course, I will have to put a couple two cents on my experience with a specific focus on the makeup that occurred during the season.

The makeup styles applied during the fete season varied from the extreme to the demure with little touches of color in either the lips or eyes.  To me, I thought that there was more focus on bling accessories and boots as opposed to overly dramatic makeup.  Fast forward a bit to Carnival Weekend and the hordes of women that demand to look their best for Carnival.

I recently mentioned in an article for the Newsday Business Section that makeup artists must always be prepared for these days but I must admit, I didn't expect the level of tiredness that assailed me on the Carnival Tuesday.

I believe in creating different styles for each masquerader so that each feels unique and beautiful in their own way for both the Carnival Monday and Tuesday. There was definite success there and a great number was happy, however the timing was not that great or successful.  When I say timing I mean the times of the appointments we ran later than would've liked, once one person is late, then everyone is late.

Long and short, I will definitely use this another learning experience and create an improvement to the system so that there is no great deal of waiting for any of my clients.  As to my own physical needs? That will also be tended to....:)

To my clients, thank you for joining me for the two days and look forward to seeing you guys again next year! 

Look out for some reviews and some discussion pieces soon on Yellow Eyeshadow and Inglot....hmmmm

Signing out for now!


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