Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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I'm back with another review, this time with hot of the presses sigma brushes out of the box and a mini-kit of TemptuPro Multicolor S/B airbrush colors.  I haven't had the opportunity to try them out yet but I will still give my initial thoughts on them.  Lets go to the brushes first, shall we?

Sigma Brushes

 The three brushes that I chose in particular were specific to eyeshadow, undereye and contouring powder application.  The first brush - the E50 or the Large Fluff Eyeshadow brush is designed to apply single shades allover the eyelid or assist with contouring and highlighting on the cheekbone.  Its very large in shape with a nice, sturdy handle.  The bristles are dense with a slightly curved edge to do layering of eyeshadow.  I noticed that the bristles shed a bit but its not this great amount to get worked up over so, I guess when I give the first wash it'll stop.

The second brush is the F84 or the Angled Top Kabuki which is part of a special trio which boasts of precise blending and application.  I have the other brush, F80 and its wonderful in application and yes that boast of precision is very correct.  Each of my clients that had the F80 treatment they noted the difference.  The brush is a short brush with synthetic materials and can be used to contour with powder and cream products.

The third brush is the F35 or the Tapered Highlighter.  This one I am particularly excited to use as I have been searching for a brush that can deposit the right amount of under-eye powder to softly highlight the under-eye area.  I love the tapered shape and playing around with it, it feels so soft and goes directly to the areas that I target as opposed to going allover the place.  The bristles are supposed to blend seamlessly into the product and ensure that there is a flawless application with no streaking or pockets anywhere. Excited to use them!!!!

Tomorrow, I will continue with the TemptuPro Mini Starter Kit, so stay tuned!

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