Friday, May 13, 2011


Hi guys

I'm back with part II of my review and I want to go straight into it as its a couple pieces that I want to show off...I recently went to my local supplier of Temptupro Products and stumbled on this little beauty and I was instantly hooked just from the packaging.

Its called the Airbrush S/B Multicolor Starter Kit and it contains 12 shades, 10 matte and 2 shimmers and the brand boasts of the ability to use this allover the face - lips, cheeks and eyes.  I swatched each of them just to show how intense the colors are.

They are all coded so I will list them out first:
  1.  070 - Navy
  2. 071 - Java (a chocolate color)
  3. 072 - Teal
  4. 073 - Ecru (reminds me of taupe)
  5. 074- Slate
  6. 075 - Moss (not swatched though)
  7. 076 - Wine
  8. 077 - Apricot
  9. 078 - Brick
  10. 079 - Lavender
I didn't get all of the colors swatched on my arm though as my camera began to 'conk' out but this one shows how potent these colors are.  I intend to mix it up with other conventional products and use them exactly as they've said especially on the lips as direct lip colors like Apricot and Java.  The Ecru color is interesting and looks like a great eyeshadow color.


I'm using it tomorrow so I can't wait....

 DAJ Signing Out!


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