Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi Folks

I just got a new makeup haul that I am excited to try out especially the new Sigma 'Dry and Shape' but before I delve into that one why don't I just explain all that I purchased?!



I saw this reviewed by Makeup by Ren Ren ( and I must say I was intrigued as I was looking for an appropriate cleaner that was strong enough to get rid of the hard to reach gunk that settled within my brushes.  I ordered two bottles from - the 1st one is the 2 fl oz and the other is the 16fl oz.  After a very quick trial on my lip and concealer brushes, I really look out for a  more in-depth review later.


I currently have disposable lip brushes from however I really didn't fancy the shape of them as the bristles opened out into a triangular shape and I prefer tapered.  As a result of the shape, the lip colors were being applied without any real control and it required a very firm hand which obviously irritated me after awhile.  So as I was buying the Parian Cleaners, I stumbled on the lip brushes from alconeco and the second pic shows (sort of) how tapered the bristles are and let me tell you, I am already in love.  I have a gig tomorrow so I will definitely be giving them a test run.



I finally bit the bullet after being mortally afraid of using the big clunky eyelash curlers and decided to purchase a heated version from BLINC INC.  It looks and feels so easy to maneuver in my hands - which are small by the way - and the packaging was kinda cute.  It came in an enclosed case with directions (mucho necessita) and it has a button to switch on with a light that turns from red to green (I think).  



This was what I was waiting on for 2 weeks...I was extremely tired of washing over 10 big, dense brushes and after 12 hours, they were still damp and see me on a gig praying the sun drys them while on the way.  So I found some brush guards but still I'm a little 'eh' over them.  Yes they helped in keeping some shape but if not done properly, they could lean towards a particular side lol.  Anwayz, I had seen the Dry & Shape and was to say the least, intrigued.  

Just from the look of it, I love the size, it can fit 12 brushes comfortably of different sizes and as I am typing this, I am doing a test on it to see if it lives up to the hype. So stay tuned for that tomorrow.

DAJ signing out!