Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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I’ve encountered it many times, brides-to-be more often than not, sit in the makeup chair expecting miracles to be made with their skin.  Unfortunately, based on the state of the skin, it can actually take longer to create that soft transformation.  Generally, their schedules can become so hectic that so little time is devoted to their skin to create a soft, smooth skin surface for a makeup artist needs to easily create that transformation.

As we continue to speed along into the bridal season, I want to provide some tips that you should incorporate into your preparations to make life easier on the big day:

Skin Care:
  • Once the wedding date is set, you should look into reviewing your skin care routine at least three to four months in advance.  The skin usually adapts, albeit slowly, to the changes suggested by the dermatologist or aesthetician
  • Avoid strange new skin care products perilously close to your wedding date. If you have a tendency to self-diagnose, and the wrong product is chosen, you can actually un-do all of the good work leading up to the wedding date.
  • Incorporate facials into the routine as a great way to relax and create that glow to the skin.  Let the skin specialists suggest the right ones for your skin type that will really work for you.
  • Don’t leave out the chest and back.  A good body scrub can target via exfoliation the areas that contain residue causing body acne and reveal beautiful glowing skin.
  • Try and do all of your waxing at least 5 days before the wedding as you don’t want any red blotches or allergic reactions happening on your face.
  • This may be a hard one considering the stress of organising a big day but try to reduce the intake of oily and fatty foods.  Not only will this help you lose the extra lbs but it will lessen the amount of sebum created on your face.
    • Let water become your new best friend.  Increasing your intake of water from 1 or 2 glasses to approximately 6 or 8 will help clear the toxins from your body and this will be reflected in your face.
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