Thursday, June 16, 2011


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I'm back to continue a review of the Sigma Dry & Shape.  As I mentioned in a blogpost I did yesterday "quick review of makeup haul", I wanted to give the Dry & Shape a real test run today as I had to prepare for a gig and my brushes needed washing.

According to Sigma Beauty's handout that came with it in the packaging, its supposed to:
  • Dry & Shape the brushes in as little as 4 to 6 hours
  • Applies pressure to the bristles to remove water from every fibre
  • Utilize a special fabric to allow water evaporation during the drying process
The brushes below are a mix of sigma, mac & crownbrush and they are all dirty so at around 2:30pm, I washed the brushes and even used a bit of the Parian Spirit Cleanser (which has a 'citrusy' smell - but coming from the Caribbean, that's normal) to cut the grease.

Fitting them into the Dry & Shape was kinda hard as the slots are tight and you have to keep trying to find which brush actually will fit comfortably.  I noted that one of the smaller slots at the end was busted so I have to let Sigma Beauty know that.

Each slot is differently sized to fit large to medium to small brushes (from left to right)

If what they said was true then I should check back around 8:30pm to see if they're dry within the alloted time and determine whether or not my brushes have 'returned to their original form'.

Check in Time - 
After 7:00pm, I was very very impressed at the quality of the bristles and how soft they felt.  This was the softest I ever felt them since purchase.

The pictures below are the dried brushes and the sigma brushes are so white, I couldn't get it to look like that with regular washing or rubbing alcohol cleaner.  The other black brushes' shapes were perfect to say the least, it lived up to the hype!


The only drawback I had was that two of the slots were broken or ripped but I informed which I must say responded within 1 day of my complaint and I can expect another one soon so yaay!

This will will encourage me and you makeup artists out there to actually look forward to washing your

Overall rating:  ¬¬¬¬¬

DAJ Signing Out!


  1. great review...i hate having to wash my brushes just bcuz they take so long to dry!

  2. Hi I thought I put a response for you anywayz lol I'll do it again...yeah anyhing to make my life easier and it does. I've always hated washin the big brushes as they took too long to dry buy I actually look forward to it now.

  3. Good review. I've been reading tweets about this. Do you have any brush guards? If so, how does the dry and shape compare to using brush guards:

  4. The brush guards have a couple disadvantages:
    - They get easily dirty and haven't found a way to clean them
    - They are individual and can easily be lost if not stored properly
    - doesn't shape well and can change the shape of the brushes especially large ones