Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hi folks

I'm back with another haul review, this time with products from a local distributor called Ambrosia Cosmetics.  It took me a while to jump onto the Beauty Blender train but I'm finally on and I likey...A LOT.  The other items that were purchased consisted of disposables for the eyes - Spiked Mascara Wands and Gel Liners.

The first one is the Ambrosia Cosmetics version of the Beauty Blender.  There is one distinct difference between the original Beauty Blender and their copy - the texture.  The texture is notably different as the blender is much smoother by touch and look than the original and not just the color. 

The salesperson, Vanessa, indicated that the smoothness made it somewhat more durable after the typical wear and tear happens.  She averaged that the original can be destroyed faster based on the material of the blender, which I will see sooner or later.

My thoughts on the product: Very interesting in terms of application.  It can be used wet or dry but I thought it was more effective damp.  The size you see in the pic is the original size which is small however when immersed in water, it grows to double the size (just make sure to squeeze out the extra water and place on a dry towel or bounty sheet to dry).   

I used my mousse foundation and it applied so quickly and without any streaks that it was dreamy!

How to use: Its shaped like an egg and using the the fatter, round end, I stippled or bounced onto the main areas around the face in close circular motions so that there wouldn't be any lines.  The pointy edge is great for under the eye and around tight corners like the nose and nostrils.  The typical sponge may be a little too rough around these areas but using this was a breeze.

Highlight & Contour:  Its great to do both tasks as gentle strokes using the pointy edge can target exactly where I want to get the product and if I swipe it especially down the sides of the nose, it would blend out my contour products evenly without much work.

I then applied my setting powder via my translucent from Mary Kay and that went on really well.  It gave the airbrush look and it even held up better during the day than the previous routine.

Benefit:  Its amazing that it doesn't absorb the product into the sponge, in fact the dampness of it ensures that I use less of the foundation and the water doesn't disturb or change the consistency of either the foundation or powder.  This discovery is great for me as you may know a lot of my foundation application for clients are airbrush applied. 

So you know what this means don't you?  I am going to purchase more of these (I will not say how much as this may be embarrassing) and dump my older versions, yay!

They go for TTD$80 a pop as opposed to the original Beauty Blender pricing TTD$160, so that's another plus for me.

Hope this helps you enthusiasts out there!




  1. I have been gearing up to purchase ambrosia's beauty blender and this just did it for me...thanks! =)

  2. Are products from Ambrosia cosmetics available in most department stores? I have been looking for it and I can't seem to find it. Do they have a special store or stall somewhere in Chicago where I could go to? Lee Drillman