Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hi y'all

I'm back with another bridal makeover with a specific focus of the Vortex Brush Collection by Makeup by Ren Ren & Sedona Lace.

My bride today, Natasha, wanted a very clean look with focus on the eyeliner in particular.  Here's her before pic.
The look she described for me was a classic and neutral look and she didn't like lipstick (but I kinda snuck it in lol).
Anwayz, starting with the Flat Synthetic Eye Brush I applied my TemptuPro S/B Primer and Mixing Medium to create a smooth surface all over the face and then used my Nurturing Force Oil Blotting Cream to control the shine on the T-Zone area.

My next step was under-eye concealer and initial highlighting with the Eve Pearl Salmon concealer trio.
My go to brush was the Synthetic Blender Eye Brush.  Now I am officially IN LOVE with this brush.  This one has the ability to become very multi-purpose as I used it to not only blend out the cream products under the eye but I also used it for the powder products.  As its designed to not absorb too much product, the blending capability of the soft curve of the bristles was just a dream.

I then applied the foundation with TemptuPro S/B in 006 & 007 for highlighting and 008 & 009 to create a soft glowy contour around her face.  My translucent powder was applied with my Flat Top Buffer brush.Although its great for specific contouring under the cheek bone, I really liked how it deposited color around the temples and around the face.  It is also a synthetic brush which is designed to assist in the airbrush finish which of course is right up my alley.  I love the buffing capability and to take out the harsh lines that could be apparent if not handled properly.
Moving on to the brows, I liked this duo in particular the brow portion of the brush.  The bristles were slightly softer than what I was accustomed to as they helped me to give a more diffused look to both the powder and pencil combination on the client, especially as her brows were nearly non-existent.  The other brush that I carry was very stiff and could be a little discomforting to the client and I used to spend more time trying to soften lines if I put too much color on the brow.  Afterwards, I created a stronger brow shape using the Flat Synthetic Brush with concealer both above and below the brow and further blending out the color. 

For the eye primer, I used the Flat Synthetic brush again on the Ambrosia Amplified by Arlene Villarule to apply it and it was such a joy to not have to use fingers here as the product is usually very tacky, it was able to blend out perfectly.

The eyeshadow application was meant to be soft and I used the Universal Blender Eye brush . I used this to apply the Sedona Lace eyeshadow all over the eye and to blend it out.  For the crease, I used the Universal Blender Eye brush and this brush is a winner to me.  I bought the Sigma Brush with a similar tapered edge but I was actually searching for one that had a more pointed edge to do delicate blending.  It makes the job so much easier but it sheds a bit.

The face was finished with Black Opal lip pencil in chocolate shade with a mix of Mehron Lipstick and Three Custom Color Specialist Lip Gloss.

I really enjoyed using the brushes but I must say it will take some getting used to as I am accustomed using a lot of brushes to do the same things.  What I do have to include in the kit is my mascara fan brush to separate lashes and another large synthetic brush for primer application for the allover face though.

Otherwise my overall rating is : 5 STARS out of 5 STARS

Here's my after pic of the lovely bride:

DAJ Signing Out!


  1. she looks amazing! i'm so happy you like the brushes :)

  2. She looks so lovely. SHe has dark lips like my sis and u used a neutral colour on her lips. I also do that with my sis and it is always gorgeous. Lovely work with the makeup. Im dying to get my Vortex brush collection too.

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