Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hi y'all!

I finally am able to talk about my most coveted items to step my game up as a makeup artist - my Classic Light Kit and my new mobile makeup studio from GLAMCOR.

More often than not, I would find myself in an environment where there are a couple of some bad factors: bad lighting and no workspace.  I had to carry a horrid 6 foot table in addition to my kit to bring some sort of order to my work area and still look clean (my poor back and car!).

So as I mentioned before, I needed to improve my work ethic and I stumbled on GLAMCOR and decided to purchase the two items to not just bring more accurate results but to also increase my functionality when working (besides looking utterly glamorous, *smile*).

The first set of photos show the light kit, it comes in a really simple bag and its incredibly easy to put together.  It comes disassembled in 4 main pieces:
  • Expandable tripod with connectors to extend up to 6 feet with 3 legs that also extend 


  • The actual lights and connectors that swivel to any direction that you want
  • The lights screw into the connectors and the plus is that they don't get hot and for the clumsy ones out there, it won't break when it falls!


My preferred direction is to my left and directly onto the client so that the entire face is illuminated and that there are no shadows on the face.

My second investment purchase/gadget is the mobile studio which I still have to put through the paces but take a look at these pics, I am in love!

The mobile kit is meant to bring organisation and still take up little room and remain as glam as possible!  It consists of four metal legs, a carry case and a trolley.  It also contains a lot of storage cases - which I adore - and the cases are better than zuca as they look easy to clean and have the frosted cover.  This gives the illusion of cleanliness.

These handles are on each side to help move it around

It contains four international plugs so you should not worry about plugging in your devices.  This is great for me as I always am hunting for a plug for my compressor.  There is also a neat built-in feature of speakers for your IPOD or IPHONE to play music for entertaining the client!

Now check out the lights on this baby - its so beautiful and it can be dimmed or become brighter just at the touch of a tiny button at the bottom right of the mirror.  

Carries a temp gauge!

All I need to do now is just roll this thing out once I learn to how to quickly set up and go!

Overall I am in love with my purchases and let me add something here which is extremely critical to selling products and services, the customer service of GLAMCOR namely Erik Kaiser is outstanding and he extremely patient (there is a reason why I mention that word lol).  

This is clearly their competitive advantage and other companies should pay attention, this attention to detail will create happy repeat customers.  So now I want the brush set....gosh I think I will end up with all their products, goodness!

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