Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi Guys

So I have found a new love that I wanted to share.  This company has been making waves since the last couple of Makeup Shows in the States and I was curious to find out why.  

Glamcor - which consists of a two partner Team : Erik Kaiser and Shana King, decided to create products that were geared towards the professional makeup artist and some of the challenges faced while trying to create flawless, barely there makeup.  

One big problem they have solved was whenever makeup artists are doing on-site makeup applications, the lighting encountered is either terrible or lacking thus creating shadows in the least wanted place - the clients' faces.  This has also been a big problem for me, so when I happened to read that they had made a light kit that contained portable lighting that was color adjusted for makeup and is not hot to the touch, my mind was racing and said 'say what now'?!

Before I make a purchase, I take about a month reading different reviews to get a sense of the product and then decide whether its worth trying.  So, after many tries (and I mean many!), Erik finally managed to put through my purchase and now I can't wait for it to be shipped to Trinidad yaaay!

Pics are below.  If you noticed the mobile makeup studio, that is also in my wish list.  Its a pretty penny like $1000 but I am in I'm gonna get that as well.


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