Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi Hi!

Yesterday I was so happy to be in my hometown to do a meant that I would've been able to relax a bit before getting ready to prepare the bride and mother of the bride.  The only thing that was a concern was the was so cloudy and rainy, she was concerned (and rightly so!) about her outdoor pics.

I'm not sure how it turned out though but when I left it had stopped and I do hope everything went well.  Anyway, my focus today is to show how airbrush makeup affects women of very ebony skin tones.  The mother of the bride is ebony skinned but also has serious discolorations, however, its not placed in the regular places, in fact it was in the inner portions of her face as opposed to the typical placement of the face perimeter (outer parts of the face).

I used TEMPTUPRO S/B for her and the bride to ensure that there was longevity of the makeup especially in relation to the weather and I like that TEMPTUPRO carries 12 shades which will ensure that dark to ebony skin tones will be covered.

As you can see here, around the eyes and mouth are really dark.  So I decided to use Shade 011 in the S/B Collection and created a flawless canvass that was lighter, more in keeping with her hairline.  

I also notice that women of dark skin tones are afraid or stay away from dark shades of e/shadows.  I used on her eyes Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel cream makeup a Bronze shade as a base and Coastal Scents Shimmery Grey as the main color.  It was as expected very sultry and yet simple.

This wheel from Ben Nye is incredible and flexible as it can be used on any part of the face & body.

The end result was suprising to all of us as it took years off of her face.  She was fun to work with and I hope that they had a wonderful time yesterday!