Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hi Guys!

I'm baaack blogging and I know it took awhile but I was really busy every weekend and today was the first time since my last blog that I could take the time to actually write something for you readers.

Well as per the obvious, graduation time is upon us and I have done a couple grads but I have a really good pic to show you the transformation I had done to one of my clients, Samantha...

I took liberties here to make the makeup look fresh, flawless & also fun.  The most fun for me was the eyes, of course.

Her makeup was airbrushed with TEMPTUPRO S/B as she had serious acne scarring so I wanted complete coverage and I know that this brand could do that...Contouring was applied but remained soft as she was transitioning from afternoon into evening and I didn't want to go overboard as per her age as well.

Her eyes were also shaped and contoured starting with the eyebrows (wow! lol) and I used two eyeliners under the eye with complimentary colors - bright green & purple but the second color is not coming up too well in this pic.  Believe me though, the color combo was stunning!!  I just winged up the shimmery eyeshadow and made sure the double under-eye liners followed suit.

Check them out below and enjoy!!!

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