Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi Hi!

Today I had so much fun with this bridal party in San Juan.  They contacted me over a couple mths ago based on another wedding I had done for a Muslim Bride (you can check back my earlier posts for it) and they were impressed with the simplicty and flawless look I gave her.

I didn't do a trial so I wasn't sure what I was going to meet but was glad that they all had somewhat good skin and were so excited to get airbrush makeup done.  A couple of them inclusive of the bride had sensitive skin so I was extra careful to ensure that the products were properly sanitized prior and after application for each of them.  All they asked for was a little drama on the eyes and definite liner to accentuate.  I used OCC Airbrush Makeup and Coastal Scents eyeshadow and Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel to highlight.

The tranformations were subtle but effective for each of them but not everyone wanted to take out Before Pics...that 's ok though, the Afters were great!

The bride is in white ( of course) & gold.  Just Beautiful!

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  1. beautifull, mashallah, may Allah bless her marriage.. :)