Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hi Hi!

I am very tired right now but I really wanted to put up these pics of today's wedding.  I went to San Juan for a bride and bridal party and it was another fun today but this time a little more hectic.

One of the ladies (the first pic) had a serious sweating problem and that was affecting the makeup to the point that it was not setting on her face.  I thankfully did not panic after a little while and had to matte it down with a sponge and then re-applied the airbrush makeup onto her face.

I used OCC Makeup and Coastal Scents Lip Palette on everyone and had to rush to make sure the bride was ready to dress and leave on time.  Sorry I couldn't go into more detail today regarding the makeup, but I will do so for tomorrow's Hindu Wedding.  That should be interesting and pretty.

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